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The Plot

Visit Uncle Berry, the laziest member of the Greenfingers family, and help him restore a decayed farm.


Windows users: Download Alice Greenfingers 2 for PC
Mac OS X users: Download Alice Greenfingers 2 for MAC

Unique Features

  • Grow Chili plants, Lilies, Sunflowers and 10 more types of crops
  • Enrich your farm with goats, bees, cows and lots of other animals
  • Use your creativity to design your own garden
  • Win Golden Trophies and Badges for your achievements
  • Play the game as Berry directs you, or simply run your own race
  • Decorate your farm with Graceful Ornaments
  • Make business in several ways: Sell crops at the market, pick fruit by the trees, get good deals at auction and sell dairies

    Game Tips - Did you know?

    • You can not miss or 'die' in this game. Play the game at your own pace.

    • If you run out of money, you can always collect apples to get a few extra bucks quickly.

    • If you want Alice to put down an item she is carrying, simply double click on the ground.

    • Instead of waiting for Alice to finish one task at a time, you can set up a whole list of tasks by simply clicking ahead.

    • Crops only consume water while they are growing. In other words, you don't need to watch over or water a ripe crop.

    • When pointing on a crop, you can see a red meter that represents the health of its soil. The higher the health, the faster the crop grows.

    • You can sell off unwanted items by clicking the AUCTION button in your bottom-right corner.

    • You don't have to keep the market window open in order to sell your boxes. Once you have made your crops available for sale, you can close the window and continue working at the farm.

    • You can cancel Alice's current action anytime by clicking the right mouse button or pressing the space bar.

    • You can click at beehives and cattle to sell off honey and dairy products.

    • Clicking on people at the market will open up their thinking bubble. While it doesn't guarantee that they always buy what they are thinking about, it serves as a good hint.

    • You can use the shovel to dig up plants that you don't want any longer. Then sow grass seeds if you want to grow back the grass.

    • Prices for dairy products change daily. When selling off your milk and eggs, make sure you get a good deal.

    • Instead of clicking the shop and menu buttons in the bottom left corner, you can press the S and M keys on your keyboard for quicker access.

    • Advanced users can use the keyboard to control certain functions:

      • Escape - Pause the game at any time. In some situations you can also press Escape to cancel the current action.
      • Arrow keys - Move the game screen.
      • 'M' - Open or close the menu
      • 'S' - Open or close the shop.


    This game was developed by Arcade Lab (Mac port by Mac Joy):
    • Concept & Design - Ola Zandelin
    • Programming & Design - Daniel Zandelin
    • Engine - Ola Zandelin
    • Graphics - Ola Zandelin, Segio Ordez, Rodrigo Perez
    • Music - Staffan Melin
    • Sound Effects - Daniel Zandelin
    • Quality Assurance - sa Zandelin, Martina Zandelin

    Alice Greenfingers 2, Arcade Lab / Swedish Game Development AB, 2008.
    FMOD Sound System, Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd., 1994-2007.

    System Requirements

    Windows Vista, XP, 98 or compatible
    500 MHz Intel Pentium III or better CPU
    DirectX 8 or higher
    128 MB RAM
    16 MB hard disc space


    Alice Greenfingers 2 is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind. Arcade Lab, Mac Joy and / or Swedish Game Development AB can not be held responsible for any damage whatsoever, direct or indirect, caused by the software.

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